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KT Dawg

KT Dawg is a crossbreed of wicked Kunduz, Tang Tang, and Stardawg. This bred is a half breed for both Indica and Sativa. A unique quality that it possesses is that it can be a relaxant and energizing at the same time.
Reminder to those who are not into the skunky type of taste and flavor, this might not be good for you, for it is considerably strong. If you want to try, just handle it, and you will get a high that you will be looking for more now and then.

Flavor and Effects of KT Dawg

Sweet citrus with herbal pine and a twist of skunk flavor is what you will get with this plant. The Effects that make the skunk lovers look for is the positive and focus that it intentionally provides, aside from that, you will be creative with its high uplifted. As it all comes down, you will be hungry and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of KT Dawg

KT Dawg can treat conditions regarding pain, mood-related disorders, lack of appetite, and inflammation or nausea.

Negative Effects of KT Dawg

Most likely to be after the KT Dawg wears off, the headache is extreme due to its THC level, you would also feel the dryness of throat and mouth

Growing KT Dawg

KT Dawg may require much effort, and it is worth it. A tip for the growers, find the proper soil for this strain, it may take an experiment to do it, but it will give you knowledge on how to deal with other difficult cannabis. It needs a bacterial population to improve its immune defense against diseases include pests.

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