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The Krowberry leans more and shows high quality indica attributes. It comes from multiple strains crossbred from one to another. These strains which have its genes are Thai/Bubblegum x Blackberry and Grand Daddy Purple.

It remained to be legendary in the cannabis world. It is known to produce high potency levels and dense buds. It also has an intense sweet, fruity aroma.

Flavor and Effects of Krowberry

The sweetness of the fruity flavor in this marijuana is strong. It also has a grapefruit and earthy hint flavors that serves as an aftertaste. It produces a high feeling but not couch locked. It uplifts and keeps your mind running while still feeling a relaxing sensation.

What are the Medical Effects of Krowberry

The Krowberry produces medical effects that are very useful and helpful in treating patients who are diagnosed with cancer, depression and is dealing with chronic pains, inflammation, stress, muscle spasms and Crohn’s diseases.

Negative Effects of Krowberry

This strain can immediately dry your mouth and eyes. It easily makes you feel paranoid, aggressive and moody. It makes you confused at times and makes you feel nervous or anxious due to increased heart rate. You can also expect some dizziness or headache and insatiable hunger.

Growing a Krowberry

To grow the Krowberry strain, you need to prepare the basic requirements of cultivating strains. Make sure you have enough resources and can financially support the process. It is important that there are no hindrances when you start to grow strain. Prepare a wide area, light, pots, soil (preferably composted soil), water and vitamins. Make sure to allow the plant to absorb many nutrients and absorb vitamins from water and light. It is recommended to place the plant under the light or daylight for at least 20 hours everyday and 4 hours in total darkness.

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