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Kritikal-K was bred by Kannabia Seed Company. This strain is a heavy indica cannabis essentially based on Skunk and Afghan genetics, a strain that is fitting for the irritated and restless. 
Named as €œnarcotic€ in influence by Kannabia, Kritikal-K joins Northern Lights and Critical, growing tight, emerald green buds that smell of lemon sorbet.

Flavor and Effects of Kritikal-K 

The taste this strain is deeply sweet with some Skunk tones, with an intensive earthy aftertaste. Fragrances will gently build-up, and that expresses a harmonious blend of fruit, mingled with a fair amount of honey. The effect is nearly complete indica, giving the body a loosening sensation with an entirely relaxed mind followed by a drowsy feeling, a perfect substitute for a late-night sleeping pill.

Medical Benefits of Kritikal-K

Kritikal-K’s leaning indica properties give an advantage in managing ailments such as cramps, muscle spasms, glaucoma, and joint pains. This strain has also an excellent anti-depressant quality that helps sufferers from anxiety, panic, poor appetite, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Kritikal-K 

Kritikal-K may produce some side effects which is mostly related in too much intake of this cannabis. A side effect that includes insomnia, eye pressure, and head pains can be evaded by controlling this strain within the bounds of your boundaries.

Growing Kritikal-K

As an indica-leaning strain, its leaves are emerald green and tend to grow rather bushy, and its flowering state will have a very high buds volume. If cultivated outdoors, proper humidity may be hard to control; therefore, it is suggested to grow Kritikal-K in an indoor set up with a dry and warm atmosphere.