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Kreamy Karamel

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Kreamy Karamel, produced by Kannabia Seed Company, is a complete indica cannabis that exhibits powerful therapeutic benefits. This strain was produced by crossbreeding an Afghani x Black Domina x Maple Leaf. 

Its flower grows thick, solid buds blanketed in resin that releases a spicy, sweet fragrance of dissolving sugar. A classic strain that will incite a happy, giggly, and euphoric kick that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Flavor and Effects of Kreamy Karamel 

The flavor of Kreamy Karamel is almost entirely represented by a sweet, spicy, and with traces of earthy tang. This strain allows a burst of herbaceous tones that paints the palate with its aftertaste. A fine even strain for handling cerebral tension that provides quiet relaxation while taking users in the mood to display productivity.

Medical Benefits of Kreamy Karamel

Kreamy Karamel cannabis induces a euphoric and satisfied state. It may also help alleviate medical indications that include insomnia, muscle pain, and loss of appetite. This strain also works best in managing chronic pain, anxiety, and PTSD.

Negative Effects of Kreamy Karamel 

Unsurprisingly, the most usual adverse reactions Kreamy Karamel marijuana holds include dryness of the eyes and cottonmouth. In most rare cases, if you are feeling these consequences, be sure to stay hydrated and sip plenty of water.

Growing Kreamy Karamel

This strain grows all its potential outdoors since its height can pass 2 meters of pure buds. Like several of Kannabia’s flowers, this strain is simple to cultivate and quick to blossom. Kreamy Karamel will also give an abundant yield, making it fitting for amateur growers searching for international heredity.