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Krazy Kush

Krazy Kush

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The Krazy Kush leans more towards indica variety. It is oozing with great potency in its buds, which also overflows with white amber hairs. It carries lots of crystalline trichomes and grows with many thick branches.

This strain is developed through the mingling process of SFV OG Kush and Killa Kush. Its characteristics have truly been a replica of its genes and have shown improved effects.

Flavor and Effects of a Krazy Kush

It has an intense dank flavor with some citrus and fuel hints that serves as an aftertaste. It brings a good feeling of cerebral high and uplifting vibe. It gives so much energy yet relaxing sensation in your body.

What are the Medical Effects of Krazy Kush

The amazing thing about this strain is that it has medical benefits that are very helpful to cannabis users who are suffering from nausea, insomnia, vomiting, chronic pains, inflammation, Crohn’s diseases, depression, and stress.

Negative Effects of a Krazy Kush

The negative effects of this strain are dryness of the mouth and eyes, paranoia, nervousness or increased heart rate, strange behavior, and mood swings. You can expect to experience all of these as you continuously smoke Krazy Kush. It can also create long term damages if the amount consumed is too high.

Growing Krazy Kush

It is important to know the basics of growing cannabis and Krazy Kush. Before you start planting your own, you need to check and evaluate if you are capable of attending to the plants’ needs. You need to decide where you like to grow this strain. It could be indoors, outdoor, or in a greenhouse. You also need to decide if you are going to apply some growing techniques for faster growth. This strain also needs a lot of water and light. It takes at least 20 hours of daylight every from the germination stage.