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The Krampus is a sativa dominant hybrid. It is famous due to its very compact and potent buds that are oozing with earthy and cheesy mint aroma.

It is produced and comes from the genes of Mexican strain, which comes from the mountain and Mickey Kush. It is covered with a lot of resinous white crystalline trichomes.

Flavor and Effects of a Krampus

The flavors of this cannabis consist of earthy, piney, and diesel tastes. It is overwhelming and stimulating in the mind and body, which takes you to a relaxing state. It also makes your mood hyped and brings overjoy and uplifting feelings.

What are the Medical Effects of Krampus

This strain is used to treat patients who are suffering from medical conditions such as depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, chronic pains, inflammation, migraine, and digestive diseases/disorders.

Negative Effects of a Krampus

The negative effects of this strain are more on brain damage. Although it does not stay for long, it can have long term effects if used regularly or irresponsibly. You can expect hallucination, paranoia, dizziness, loss of coordination, dryness of the mouth, aggressiveness, and increased heart rate.

Growing Krampus

Krampus cannabis type easily grows. It can be grown in a greenhouse or indoors and outdoor field. It easily adapts to any weather condition but still advisable to be placed or exposed to a balanced temperature (not too hot or cold). Make sure that you cannot skip a day without watering the plant since it is sensitive and easily absorbs stress, especially when it does not reach its flowering stage yet. Make sure to expose it as well under the sunlight or improvised light for 12 to 20 hours from the germination stage.