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Kraken is a mythological strain of exotic origin produced to us by the Spanish breeder Buddha Seeds. Raising with vigor and production in mind, its indica side delivers chunky, thick buds with a sheet of brilliant resin.
Its THC, which seldom exceeds 15%, is often enjoyed recreationally. Delivering big yields and deeply euphoric impressions, this strain is a source of comfort on a very cloudy day, a beast Kush that truly earns its name.

Flavor and Effects of Kraken

This strain overwhelms the mouth with its fairly rich essences of wet soil. Smoking it exhibits mild floral notes that bear a tinge of sweetness, mint, and pine. The cerebral stimulation takes over to the stomach. It promotes an appetite that matches the mood.

Medical Benefits of Kraken

Kraken operates perfectly in weakening spasms in the stomach. This strain can also stimulate the appetite, and prevent users from vomiting. For this reason, it is an excellent friend for cancer patients who have trouble eating or users diagnosed with anorexia.

Negative Effects of Kraken

Every strain induces unfavorable reactions. Despite the fact it is not as strong as other cannabis, it still makes users experience a €œgreen out€ condition that mixes dizziness with heightened anxiety. A period of paranoia may also develop, particularly when the strain is smoked excessively. For this reason, users must be cautious about pace and moderate usage.

Growing Kraken

This strain falls into the medium level of cultivation. It is not fitting for novices but also not that hard to comprehend. Though, under the expert care of a seasoned breeder, it yields even more generously. Kraken is also quite a heavy feeder. It demands various nutrients and water a day for it to thoroughly flourish.

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