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Kosher Tangie

Kosher Tangie

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Crossing famous Kosher Kush with sour Tangie strain, the effect is this seductive and tasteful mixing, This unique strain called Kosher Tangie has been made by the DNA Genetics. For two consecutive years, Kosher Tangie has won numerous prestigious awards, most notably the best Indica award.
The best description for this strain is that it has thick, soft, pepper shaped, light neon green wraps with vivid purple hints, hot fluffy orange hair, and a totally chilly layer of cloudy white sandy trichomes, sweet resin droplets. Kosher Tangie has a powerful citrus aroma that becomes self-sustaining and energizing and develops in a large and healthy plant with yields that surpass the expectations in terms of size and weight.

Flavor and Effects of Kosher Tangie

The tastes that will be very appealing to your palate are the fragrant flower that does its trick; It is also as good and sweet as it smells. Then as the flavor intensifies, the high when inhaled is much of the citrus taste that dominates and the pungent, sour orange, and sharp as well. The well- sought effects are happy but very relaxed, uplifted and focused, while the ideas are flowing out because the creative side is out. This cannabis is perfect for an enjoyable time with friends.

Medical Benefits of Kosher Tangie

You can benefit from the consistent use of this strain if you suffer from chronic pain or aches. Kosher Tangie is said to act as a muscle-relaxing agent, making you feel less painful when it comes to treating joint aches, back pains, and muscle spasms. It can also support people who are fighting to control their depression. It is an effective mood lifter that can help people with bad moods and inspiration. In some cases, without appetite will recover with this cannabis because it can induce a craving for food.

Negative Effects of Kosher Tangie 50

Apart from the negative effect of the anxiety and feeling troubled because of using Kosher Tangie, the dry mouth and obviously, irritated dry eyes can also be triggered due to its THC level and because of too much usage.

Growing Kosher Tangie

Kosher Tangie is between easy to moderate difficulty plant that can grow both indoors and indoor. Now, this plant thrives in places with hit temperate climate, but nature can’t be tamed, and there were instances where the degree is rising too much without any warning. The best option that a grower can do is to equip your plant with a method that will be beneficial not just in one way but in a lot of ways.

The best example is the method of mulching where you use organic materials as a covering to the bed of the plant. In this way, there will be water retained under the ground, and even if you forgot to water it with too hot weather, your cannabis still has water for food. About the height of this plant, it is quite very difficult if it starts to flower, so you should put stalk support by the time it starts o bloom to protect the stalk from breaking.