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Kosher Dawg

Kosher Dawg

Crossing JJ’s StarDawg (Guava), the “Best Sativa” at the 2012 High Times Denver Cannabis Cup with DNA’s own Kosher Kush, the 2010 and 2011 for heavy-hitting THC content, the result is the Kosher Dawg, also known as Hebrew National and was created by the DNA Genetics Team.
Kosher Dawg is the combination of all the parents’ good traits into one and magnificent cultivar. The high it can give is more on de-stressing and socializing, good for a situation that calls for a good time event and sharing.

Flavor and Effects of Kosher Dawg 100

You can smell the spicy, earthy, and aromatic notes combined with the sour taste of Marijuana, rendering it a powerful and very friendly smoke. The effect is stunningly relaxing, makes you feel happy and uplifting. You’re not going to need a lot of this fast hitter just to appreciate its powerful impact.

Medical Benefits of Kosher Dawg 50

Kosher Dawg may alleviate serious pain, including muscle spasms and headaches. The strain can also help to reduce severe depression, tiredness, and back tension. And lastly, it can help people who are sleepless during the night to fight insomnia.

Negative Effects of Kosher Dawg 50

The negative impact of using involves drying the eyes and sometimes causing dizziness or headaches. Too much of this Sativa-dominant strain may induce hallucinations: blood-shot eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Kosher Dawg

Kosher Dawg would be best grown by growers with experience and those who have a green thumb as they say. Due to its height, for indoor cultivation, there should always be trimming off the top and portions that are hanging but unbeneficial to the buds on the lower side. This technique is important because it can establish the passing of air on the plant and gives a chance to sprouting buds to reach fro sunlight. Another essential method would involve pruning. This is basically getting rid of the dead leaves and branches that are hanging for quite a few days already. Since it has no use anymore, it should be cut so that nutrients from that area will go to other branches.

Now, for outdoor, it is highly suggested to prep your garden before planting the Kosher Dawg. Though this cannabis is known to be healthy, you’d rather wrap it up with proper protection and care than to waste the invested time for nothing.

Care for this strain may also be suggested in the use of controllable environments where temperature can be set from warm to warmer up to a sunny type of degrees, the lighting, will be set as the sun to give additional warmth to the garden, and humidity as well, in short, the set-up is more like a mini garden from inside your home. A final tip would be, the ventilation, some growers who don’t have enough equipment will use a fan as a ventilator.