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This indica dominant strain is a crossbreed between White Russian, considered to have been one of the most potent cannabis that won the 1996 High Times Cannabis Cup, and the Motavation, a heavy-hitting indica and a cerebral kick that will lock you in your sit, bred by Holy Smoke are Kong. All qualities were combined in one and created a unique plant that will make you feel a high that is sedating type and let you relax as a king should be. It surpassed all the expectations not just in flavors, in its effects and aroma that is consisted of an earthy smell with the spiciness of pepper, a diesel smell, and the fruity undertones.

Flavor and Effects of Kong

The known flavors of the Kong are the sweetness of fruity taste and citrus combined with the peppery and skunky spicy taste of diesel. The effects that are quite very noticeable with this plant are the relaxation that it can offer, the euphoric happiness, and the tingly feeling that vibrates from head to toe. But the after-effects as well require lots of food to sustain the hunger.

Medical Benefits of Kong

To name a few ailments that Kong can handle are suffering from chronic pain, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, bipolar disorder, PTSD. And for the mental exhaustion, Kong can treat severe depression as a result of problems, fatigue due to overwork. It can also deal with insomnia and act as a stress reliever.

Negative Effects of Kong

Kong can be a cause of drying the mouth and the drying of eyes that sometimes it can result in redness and puffing that leads to eye pressure. It is also noted to slight effects of headache, dizziness, and paranoia.

Growing Kong

Growing Kong is more of work when indoors, but due to its stature, growers often cultivated this indoor for the sake of privacy. There are a few methods that had been very useful and effective in growing it.

For indoors, using hydroponics can help a lot to grow the Kong, but even if the plant is such an easy to cultivate, still the experience is still needed to perfect the result. Using hydroponics can help it grow fast at the same time if you forgot to water your marijuana due to busy days; you won’t be worried about that anymore.

For outdoor, prep your soil with compost or make a compost tea feed your soil the nutrients it needed, and the ending all nutrients form your medium will be passed to Kong, in that way, it can increase the number of yields and will be resistant to any plan diseases.

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