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Koloa Sunrise

Straight from Golden Leaf Gardens of Washington, the strain called Koloa Sunrise was bred. Its physical qualities, including flashy green bud and the combination of sweet tropical fruits, have earned a reputation that is well packaged to give a punch that will make you high and give you blissful relaxation.
This is a strain to remember when on the beach, peaceful and sipping to keep you calm and worry-free.

Flavor and Effects of Koloa Sunrise

Just a taste of sweet citrus fruits and mixed with tropical fruits would be enough to make you relax what more if this plants high give you more by keeping you relaxed, calm and happy at the same time

Medical Benefits of Koloa Sunrise

The good reaction in trying this cannabis is a good option to contain and act as an anti-depressant; some would be treated in case of nausea, pain-relieving, and stress-reducing the effect. And most of all is insomnia.

Negative Effects of Koloa Sunrise

For the side effect, you may feel dizzy, expect a slight to extreme paranoia for overusing, and anxious as well. There are also instances where drying of the mouth and eyes are felt.

Growing Koloa Sunrise

In order to grow a healthy Koloa Sunrise, before planting, see to it that the soil is already healthy and rich in nutrients to help your plant grow. To do this, you can choose an option to make a compost tea or mulching. For compost tea, it is the juices of the composted fruits, and peels are made into a tea and use it to water the soil. Another one is mulching, where fruits peels will be put at the top and let it rots in there. This method can give nutrients directly too in the soil.

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