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Koffee Face

Koffee Face

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Crossing together two strains which are the Face Off OG and the Koffee is what resulted in this potent Koffee Face marijuana strain. It has the OG notes on the aroma due to its genetic lineage. Sixty days is the perfect time this grows well but depends on how you handle. Late in the afternoon or evening is the best time to utilize this.

Flavor and Effects of Koffee Face

Koffee Face cannabis strain has the coffee hint with some hash undertone that will stir up your tasty senses. It sends some tingly vibes in the face and body that will make you smile. Henceforth, the smile may also come naturally as this enhances your mood.

 Medical Benefits of Koffee Face

If you are dealing with insomnia, then use this bud as it silences disorganizations of thoughts. If so it arranges your thoughts, then this cannabis is also an exceptional bud that will cure depression, PTSD, and stress. Cramps and muscle pains as well will be alleviated.

 Negative Effects of Koffee Face

Dry eyes, cottonmouth, jittery, anxiety, headache, and dizziness can be felt through utilizing the Koffee Face marijuana strain. It does not make an exemption even if you are a seasoned user. As long as you take this with no concern on the dosage then it gives you those effects.

 Growing Koffee Face

The Koffee Face doesn’t have the best resistance ability against pests; therefore, you must grow this in the best area where best means no pest and harmful factors. It also talks about the best and correct levels of humidity, lighting, and temperature.

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