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KO Kush

KO, in this case, means knockout. It should be the reason KO Kush is popular for those who want a strain that offers an intense high. The high does not take long to kick in, as you will feel high in a few minutes. The intense high makes KO Kush great for evening use when you just want to relax after working hard the whole day. It is also likely to leave you couch-locked as one of its effects.

Those who need to grow KO Kush, it should be possible considering the seeds are easily available. KO Kush is an offspring of crossing Herijuana and Killa Kush. These two are still some of the best marijuana strains you can buy right now. In terms of quality, the strain is among the top options to buy to experience a quality high.

Flavor and Effects of KO Kush

KO Kush comes with a spicy flavor. It is a combination of several flavors that all come out with the spicy taste. If you love to use spices, then this should be a great option for you. The aftertaste when using KO Kush is spicy. This makes it great overall for those who love adding spices to their meals.

Since the high kicks in fast, one of the most common effects should be deep relaxation. You can always find users forgetting about their troubles and for once, just relax. KO Kush is also good in terms of the mellow high. As much as it can hit you hard at first, it tends to go easy on you with time.

Medical Benefits of KO Kush

People suffering from migraines always wish they could find a solution for them. Well, KO Kush is a nice strain to help relieve migraines. You can always use the strain in moderation when treating such a medical condition.

Since KO Kush also provides a deep relaxation effect, it should be great for those with insomnia. You will now have a restful night when you take a bit of KO Kush before sleeping.

It should be worth noting that KO Kush is also good for those having a problem with appetite. You will just love the way it can handle chronic pain also.

Negative Effects of KO Kush

One of the most common negative effects, well for some, is that KO kush leaves you couch-locked. You will not be able to do much after using it. It will also make you have the dry mouth feeling and also itchy eyes due to dehydration.

Growing KO Kush

This strain will produce short but sturdy plants. Expect that the plants will also grow thick, so a bit of pruning is required to ensure a better yield. This strain will flower in just 60 days, making it suitable for most cultivators.

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