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In 2011, Kannabia Seeds thought of crossbreeding the strain, namely Cheese and Afghani; the product is a well-known €œQueso€ until it was renamed to cannabis as Kiss. It has extremely impressive qualities that can uplift a spirit even to a melancholic personality.
The cheese, skunk, combined with earthy spice aromas, are notable in this plant, aside from its comforting reactions from mental health issues up to dealing with physical sufferings.

Flavor and Effects of Kiss

The most looked after tastes from Kiss are the combination of cheese that has a spicy kick on it, together with the skunky and musky earthy taste. Aside from the taste, the most special effect it can provide is felt euphorically focused while flowing of ideas are coming out. Then the slow phase comes out, which makes you feel sleepy and hungry.

Medical Benefits of Kiss

Medicinal potentials of Kiss are good for a situation that involves eating disorders or a cancer patient who as no appetite to eat. In some cases, it can also be used in treating depression, relieving pain, reducing the body from stress, and ease depression as well.

Negative Effects of Kiss

Common adverse reactions of Kiss include drying of the mouth and anxious, while extreme paranoia will be the result of too much use of this strain.

Growing Kiss

Kiss an easy to grow the type of cannabis that will make you come back for more. This plant ay maybe resistant to pests and diseases, but it is not protected from molds and mildew. In order to protect it from such a problem, make use f the fruit peeling to use as an organic fertilizer. You should also trim the Kiss to avoid too much growth and at least make a new batch of healthier leaves.

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