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King’s Kush

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Created by well-known breeder Green House Seeds, King’s Kush descends from OG Kush and the subtle Grape strain. With progressive but influential impacts, this strain is popular for its vigor and bright trichomes as it flourishes.
King’s Kush cannabis comes across as sweet and tangy with a strong and sour grape fragrance, as well as some trails of lavender.

Flavor and Effects of King’s Kush 

King’s Kush has a spicy grape taste with a thick diesel exhale that can make you cough. The fragrance is of earthy diesel and candied fruits with a dense sour dank impression that will supply any room with its odor with every puff. This potent bud intensifies over time, earning your trust before crashing like a ton of bricks and having you quite stoned and comfortable for hours on end.

Medical Benefits of King’s Kush

This strain is a top-notch narcotic and is deeply suggested for experienced users wanting to find release from insomnia, aches and pains, headaches, or muscle spasms. As it can improve the mood and excite good feelings, it’s also helpful to those suffering from mood troubles such as depression, stress, or anxiety.

Negative Effects of King’s Kush 

King’s Kush shares the same common side effects, just like most marijuana. You catch some dry eyes and cottonmouth with this Kush. Though it is all-around excellent cannabis, it is not advised for brand new or novice users.

Growing King’s Kush

This plant prefers cool environments and will thrive in both indoor systems and outdoor fields and will produce an above-average yield if grown in the right conditions.