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King Kong

King Kong, just like the real King Kong, can outshine any strain out there in the market. This combination from Dr. Underground by combining Ed Rosenthal Super Bud and the Chronic can wipe away anything on its way. Not just because of its height but the exact reaction it can give when it comes to the medical effect, the cerebral high, and most of all, how famous it is because of the skunky taste and flavor it can provide.
If you are into sweet stuff newbie, then don’t go for this, you will not regret the kick it can give you, but the punch of the smell can definitely do the job. It is the perfect cannabis for relaxation at night time.

Flavor and Effects of King Kong

Exciting flavors are consisting of overpowering skunk and tangy while the herbal, woody, and pine undertones linger under your palate. The flavors may not be sweet to the taste, but the effects that it can provide is the most sought in this strain such as very relaxed like you are the wealthiest man and no need to worry and just be happy, euphoric at times and that feeling of tingly that surrounds a little.

Medical Benefits of King Kong 50

King Kong is already recognized due to its analgesic effect for pain, such as headaches. migraine, chronic pain, pain from arthritis, muscle spasm. It can also be an aid to mental issues such as anxiety and depression. In some cases, pain from spinal cord injury and inflammation together with dealing with the loss of appetite due to anorexia or chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of King Kong 50

The dry mouth, including the drying of the eyes, are the major side effects when using King Kong. But when the recreational purpose gets addicting, anxiety gets in the head and make you dizzy, aside from the paranoia that it can give.

Growing King Kong

To grow this King Kong, experiences are needed and should not be for newbies. To start, this cannabis can grow indoors and outdoors, but all of those environments should be considered with issues before planting.

For outdoors, due to its very strong smell, your set-up should be a little far away from your neighbor type of area and not for close tight houses, or you will get embarrassed because they will definitely know that you are growing one. Another thing is its stature; this plant can be manageable somehow by cutting or trimming its top and some of its parts that extend to control growth.

Now, for indoor setup, King Kong is a big struggle for it can reach a maximum height of cannabis, including the branches that get very disturbing at it grows. Other than that is the odor. It has an overwhelming stink that can’t be contained unless if you will use the carbon-activated filter to reduce the strong odor.

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