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King Cake

King Cake

The clone-only strain called King Cake is a crossbreed of Granddaddy Purple and Mystic Gem, distinguished names in the cannabis world. The first name given was ht e €œDisco Glitter€ by the Golden Beaver Farm growers.
King Cake was named after the Mardi Grass pastry that is quite obvious on the color combinations of the plant. The playful colors of green with purple then mixed with gold and yellow tones, aside from the unique heavy frost present on its trichomes. So pleasing and inviting to try at night for its characteristic as a heavy-hitting high.

Flavor and Effects of King Cake

To taste the sweet berries and licorice with the twist from the herbs and basil and undertones of earthy can already be inviting, other than the relaxing effects, euphorically uplifted mood, and the pangs of hunger at the end that will lead to sleep.

Medical Benefits of King Cake

King Cake’s medicinal purpose includes treating painful eye pressure, heavy stress, and eating disorders such as anorexia, thanks for the inviting effect it will encourage eating a full meal.

Negative Effects of King Cake

Side effects may appear to be as severe anxiety, some cases are dry mouth, but dizziness would be felt but not often.

Growing King Cake

King Cake may have sturdy branches to boast, but this strain often has roots issues. Growers who have been cultivating this plant had tried the various techniques, but only one stands out, the using of Rockwool. This method had been very beneficial to cannabis growth for the roots can hold on to the rock wool, makes it stronger.