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Kimbo Kush

Kimbo Kush, a combination of two great hybrids, the Blackberry Kush and the Starfighter. It has been the 2014 Seattle Cannabis Cup winner due to its recognition of medical drives.
This is another cannabis strain that will give you a very nice time to take a rest after a very long hard day from work. As they call it, you will be a €œcouch potato€ for a long time. This high THC potent marijuana will give you a kick that is better to be consumed at night before retiring for hanging out with real friends where you can just be relaxed and worry-free.

Flavor and Effects of Kimbo Kush

The sweet berries, mixed with citrus and the inviting fruity flavors of the Kimbo Kush combines with the earthy pine undertones of the plant is not just the interesting part, until you experience the relaxed feeling that makes you happy euphorically and feeling uplifted, other than that you will feel sleepy that leads you to your bed for a baby like sleep.

Medical Benefits of Kimbo Kush

Medical purposes for Kimbo Kush are managing stress weakening pain that may affect everyday purpose and schedule. It can also regulate sleeping behaviors more often than not, and for eating disorders that include anorexia or cancer patients with eating, problems can be reversed in a manner. And last but definitely not least is treating depression.

Negative Effects of Kimbo Kush

Negative Effects that will be obvious after using this marijuana are drying of the eyes that sometimes cause of the irritation, moderate type if anxiety, not so intense dry mouth and light case of headache and dizziness. In the case of dryness of the mouth portion, just try to drink lots of water to reduce the problem.

Growing Kimbo Kush

Kimbo Kush can be grown both indoors and outdoors. And like other cannabis, some of the good quality it holds is being resistant to mildews and even common colds. The next thing that needs focus is to make sure that Kimbo Kush is not exposed to the dry climate, it will make your plant go wither in just a short of time. In case this happens, try doing the mulching method for your next batch of strain, where organic materials such as fruit skins are put to serve as protection and it can be of use to retain water deposits, which is just one of the many uses mulching can do.

Now, for indoor planting, make sure to create a good setup that is that of a warm environment or just enough heat to avoid frosting Kimbo Kush. Using a bulb or LED light as lighting to act as the sun and give enough warmth can accomplish the task. Lastly, this cannabis is slightly dense so it is a must to prune this to give way to other hidden buds that were not shone out by the sun or any artificial light such as mentioned.

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