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Killer Queen

Killer Queen has been created in British Columbia by using the well-renowned cannabis strain called G13 and Cinderella 99. Luckily Killer Queen inherited the traits of the parents to have an exceedingly relaxing property, thus gives a very stimulating and cerebral high that is extraordinary. Behind the name Killer Queen, it still has a characteristic that makes it smooth sailing and gentle.
The description of Killer Queen is more of a combination of brown and orange hairs that are covering the thick buds. Alluring looks and inviting taste that is ideal to use for a daytime routine to encourage recreational and medicinal benefits.

Flavor and Effects of Killer Queen

Flavors that were worth trying for includes, the combination if citrus lemon, the sweetness of fruity taste with orange. The flavors were twisted with the combination of chemicals, diesel, and herbs. Now, the exciting part of this plant is how it gives energy that boosts creativity where you can give out ideas in an event or meeting and induces the happy hormones to keep you smiling while making you sociable and feel uplifted, worry-free and calm. There might be other strains that have the same effects, but Killer Queen’s high is more soft and slow but long-lasting.

Medical Benefits of Killer Queen

Medicinal properties of Killer Queen can help with the fatigue felt in the body, reducing physical stress and dealing with mental disorders such as depression. You can also include minor cases of pain and nausea

Negative Effects of Killer Queen

Drying of the mouth is just a usual reaction from using Killer Queen, but there were also cases that you might feel dizzy, sense of paranoia, and a slight headache, including dry eyes, as well. This will occur when too much dose or used in a day is practiced.

Growing Killer Queen

Killer Queen is easy to grow the plant type of cannabis. The method that usually works for the medium size and very bushy plants is doing the pruning. In this way, nutrients that were hindered by the dead branches will be distributed to another part where it is mostly be needed. You could also trim once or twice to shed some light up other invisible nodes that are hidden and located on the most lower part.

For indoor planting, the setup must have a temperature that ranges from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. So it is quite very important to follow the temperature, for it can lead to drying of the leaves, and diseases will start to surface. But the good news for this plant is known to have quite resistance quality to mold and mildews.

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