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Killer Grape

The Killer Queen and Querkle descendant, Killer Grape, was created in Subcool’s The Dank. It has an aroma of grape, apple, and spicy herb that is slightly prominent. Equipped with beautiful lavender and purple tinges, those make it great to be part of the indoor garden.

Flavor and Effects of Killer Grape

Desirable flavors to take note of about the Killer Grape are the fruity taste like a combination of sweet apple, a grape with undertones of earth and herbs then the spiciness hit at the end. The most sought effect is not limited to the euphoric type of happiness but still focused, and soon, you will giggly, uplifted, and relaxed.

Medical Benefits of Killer Grape

To list, beneficial effects would be a stress reliever, act as an analgesic to lessen pain and inflammation. It can also help with depression and the lacking of appetite.

Negative Effects of Killer Grape

Negative reactions that may cause after using this Killer grape are the feeling of dizzy and slightly extreme anxiety. While most minor effects would include the paranoia, drying of eyes and mouth. it is recommended to drink water if needed to reduce the dryness.

Growing Killer Grape

Killer Grape is known for its strong resistance to nature’s unexpected condition that includes heavy rain, given that it has a tall height. Nonetheless, prevention is better than cure, so putting the tall stalk support won’t hurt, just to make sure that it can withstand the stronger forces of nature if incase. Aside from that, make sure to feed it in a healthy way by making the soil healthier, such as compost.

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