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Kill Bill

Kill Bill

Combination us Killer Queen and Willy’s Wonder, true to its name, Kill Bill can kill in the movie but not with this plant literally. The converted smoke will give you a sweet and skunky pungent scent with hints of pine and floral, which makes it unique to try. Perfect for night time, kill time.

Flavor and Effects of Kill Bill

Let’s get to the flavor that makes Kill Bill unique is the taste of sweet strawberries with undertones of woody pine. Those tastes will make you feel relaxed and sleepy; after a while, you will be euphoric. As the high goes down, you will seek for food and feel tingly.

Medical Benefits of Kill Bill

Now. seeking the beneficial effects are what make marijuana very special same as this strain that can help ease out pressure, minor headaches, de-stressing effect, and including depression in eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Kill Bill

When it comes to undeniable annoying effects, are the drying of the mouth associated with a major headache, and the culprit is the high THC level if it offers.

Growing Kill Bill

Kill Bill must be either with experience or with a green thumb because this strain is going to be a joyful ride of trial and error. This may be tolerant of cold, but it will get wilt because of too much coldness. A hood option to handle is to make your plant as healthy as can be. Feeding organic fertilizer coming from the manure of chicken or doing the mulching where you will top the branch with fruit peels to feed the soil. In that way, healthier and sturdier plants will be grown.