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Kilimanjaro is a true landrace strain in Tanzania, equipped with Sativa qualities that are extremely stimulating. This cannabis will drop a high buzzing but soothing all over your body, thus pushing you to be motivated.

Originally, the Kilimanjaro was grown by the natives in Tanzania for religious purposes and practices, especially with their ceremonies. They referred to this as the €œelephant stomper€, because of its after effect that is well known to energize and make stomping like a restless elephant. The aroma present in this strain is a boasting citrus lemon scent with skunky sweet undertones.

Flavor and Effects of the Kilimanjaro

The combination of earthy, woody flavors with spicy herbal, citrus, lemon twist and hints of sweet tea. The energy provided by the Kilimanjaro can lift spirits and boosting the happy euphoric way that allows you to be more creative and flooding with many ideas.

Medical Benefits of Kilimanjaro

The depression and stress caused by long-term problems can be treated temporarily but, you should deal too with its root cause. It can also be a great option for fatigue, pain, and headache.

Negative Effects of Kilimanjaro

This marijuana strain has many beneficial effects, but as much as how good it is, it still has its downside. After-effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, you might also feel dizzy, anxious and paranoid. The three latter symptoms are the effects of overdosing.

Growing Kilimanjaro

Planting indoor, has many benefits such as you won’t need to worry about heavy rain and gushes of wind even with the sudden rise or drop of the temperature will be gone, If opting for indoor you should set-up temperature controllers, aside from the lighting there should also be good ventilation. An electronic timer is essential if you are growing a variety of different strains. It is a fact that different cannabis needs different periods of daylight, some have longer as some have shorter. This controller permits you to adjust it according to your demands as your garden evolves. In addition to that, you must estimate a schedule to set the timer according to the batch’s needs.

Another technique to use is the hydroponics method, it is one of the methods that are well used because of its advantages, and to name some, if so happened that you are living in a location where soil might be sandy or very dry, although this can be reversed by mulching method, if you don’t want to spend much time and effort, then the hydroponics is your best option. A tip to newbies, there might be new methods using different mediums but the soil is still the number one medium to use for it will enhance the taste of your strain and at the same time retain the good qualities.