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Dutch Passion from Amsterdam created Khola by using the three known strains called Brazilian, Thai, and Dutch. The high this cannabis can offer is more energetic and productivity.
The smoke of Khola smells like the spicy skunk and herbal with the aroma that is dank and earthy. For the newbies, it can be a good experience to try for it can be smoked during the morning, just a subtle specific kick and not so rude.

Flavor and Effects of Khola

A taste of sweet berries and herbal will be tasted in this cannabis. When it comes to effects, it will be a ratifying euphoria and gives you energy and arouses then puts you down to uplifting and hungry.

Medical Benefits of Khola

This strain has properties to treat chronic pain such as pain due to multiple sclerosis, kick of migraines, painful eyes pressure, light cramps, and also anxiety and stress.

Negative Effects of Khola

It is common knowledge that to use Khola, you will have a headache after including dry eyes, aside from the application and tiredness.

Growing Khola

This Sativa dominant can grow a little higher, so it well recommended to encourage trimming the plant when it starts getting high to control the height at the same time to make sure it can still fir inside without expanding the area. Another one, don’t forget to prune its bushes as well. The pruning technique is simply removing dead and not so good branches anymore. This can help in giving ventilation to plants aside from sending out nutrients to other parts of the plants and other buds, aside from that, to give light.