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Khalifa Kush

Do you know the famous rapper, Wiz Khalifa Well, you should already have an idea of why the strain is called Khalifa Kush. The rapper Wiz Khalifa was largely involved in coming up with Khalifa Kush. Since the rapper is a cannabis connoisseur, it is expected that it will be an enjoyable strain. Although it is relatively new in the market, Khalifa Kush is really good in terms of its high and effects.
So, what are the genetics of Khalifa Kush The strain was created out a special phenotype of the OG Kush strain. Khalifa Kush is seen as being great for daytime use since it is good as a wake and bake type of strain. Overall, it is an inspiring and invigorating strain that users love. Also, the high is simply pure bliss to relax you while keeping you awake.

Flavor and Effects of Khalifa Kush

When you start inhaling Khalifa Kush, you will experience sweet and woody flavors on your lips. The smoke, on the other hand, will create a sour lemon flavor in your mouth. It is the same scent you get when you are using Khalifa Kush. Users also feel that the strain gives off a sharp citrus flavor as you continue using it. It is still possible to experience a pine aftertaste as you exhale the smoke.
With the THC levels reaching a high level of 29%, it is the kind of strain that novice smokers should never underestimate. You will always experience the indica effects since it is indica-dominant. As a result, it is good for evening use once you are done with your job. It will leave you experiencing a strong, happy buzz without being too sedated.

Medical Benefits of Khalifa Kush

For its mild sedative effects, the strain is, therefore, good for those looking for an ideal medical strain. Its blend of effects makes it good for treating chronic stress disorders that people might have. For a strain that treats stress, then it is also good for depression. Patients find it soothing enough to help them find inner peace.
Khalifa Kush is also good for those having a loss of appetite. There is no doubt you would want to have some edibles or food while taking this strain. You can still use the same strain for conditions such as migraines, nausea, PTSD, and headaches.

Negative Effects of Khalifa Kush

Since it is a highly potent strain, it is often recommended for experienced users. This is because newbies sometimes find it quite overwhelming. Other than that, this strain can also make you have a dry mouth feeling and itchy eyes. Well, these effects can be uncomfortable.

Growing Khalifa Kush

Getting seeds for Khalifa Kush is nearly impossible. What we know is that the strain can grow into a bushy plant. Regular trimming is important to get Khalifa Kush growing better and giving you the best yield. It is also the perfect strain for green growing techniques.

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