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Keystone Kush

Keystone Kush

From the combination of Katsu Bubba and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Keystone Kush was produced. The indica-dominant strain that will take you to a heavenly high but with energy left after the kick goes down.
Keystone Kush has an aroma of sweetness, herbal spiciness, and the combination of mint when it is converted into its edible form.

Flavor and Effects of Keystone Kush

Aside from the sweet berries that you will taste from this marijuana, the high that it can give is a heavy punch of relaxation, which makes you feel aroused and euphoric until you settle for the high energy it can give and creative person you will be.

Medical Benefits of Keystone Kush

Going through headaches and migraines, body pain, and symptoms that include mental disorders such as anxiety and depression can be addressed by this strain. But the most common issue raise for is insomnia.

Negative Effects of Keystone Kush

After using this cannabis, you will most likely feel the dryness of the mouth and the uncontrollable muscle spasm. In order to prevent the said side effects, use the proper recommended dose.

Growing Keystone Kush

This plant is an elusive one; however, since it prefers warm places, this cannabis will be struggling by the time it gets colder. To avoid frostbite or wilting of the strain due to weather, keep it indoors and set up a temperature controller where you will be able to adjust the warmth and lighting of the area. This technique will keep the weed survive in terms of weather and temperature conditions.