Ken’s Kush

Ken Estes created a potent hybrid with his name on it. He used Granddaddy Purple with the equally prominent strain OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The result, an offspring that bears the profile of the parents that includes grassy earth, sweet berries, and sour skunk.

Flavor and Effects of Ken’s Kush

Very inviting flavors of Ken’s Kush that include the sweetness of a grape, berry, and plum while it twists a little on the undertones it has for pine and skunk taste. The desirable effect is possess are feeling of aroused, relaxed, giggly happy and a little euphoric,

Medical Benefits of Ken’s Kush

When it comes to medical benefits, Ken’s Kush is more beneficial to pain-relieving, decreasing inflammation, and lack of appetite. In some cases, would also be dealing with stress and insomnia

Negative Effects of Kn’s Kush

The most extreme negative effect it can give is drying of eyes that are quite irritating. In some effects, minimal issues are anxiety and dry mouth that includes the throat.

Growing Ken’s Kush

Ken’s Kush is easy to grow when it is outside the environment but for indoors; it will be a little hard but manageable, with long patience and dedication, it will be a little easy. This strain will grow very tall; trimming is the way to cut it out nicely but still very beneficial to the plant to ensure its health. Support on the stalk can be helpful when it starts to get heavy.

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