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Kelly Hill Gold

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Kelly Hill Gold is an indica-leaning strain that mixes Acapulco Gold and Chemdawg 4. This strain was bred by Joseph Arthur Botanicals in Colorado. Kelly Hill Gold provides a concentrated herbal tone and the reek of roasted coffee.

With buds that are extensive and ample of reddish glowing pistils and averaging around 25% THC level, this strain’s potent influences will take you into a relaxed and euphoric nature that can take the stress away.

Flavor and Effects of Kelly Hill Gold

This strain has a sharp zest of wood and herbs with a taste of ground pepper that is followed by an aftertaste of coffee that floods over the mouth that is super stimulating. Surging within the muscles is a rush of energy that rids the body of tiredness. Like a well-oiled machine, it enables users to move around with comfort and complete tasks.

Medical Benefits of Kelly Hill Gold

Through its high content of THC, this strain can reduce aches and pains. It is a natural analgesic that alleviates physical symptoms like chronic pain or cramps. Kelly Hill Gold is also a source of release among long-sufferers of mental wellness problems like depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

Negative Effects of Kelly Hill Gold

You may encounter manifestations of dehydration that involve dry eyes and cottonmouth, after puffing this strain. It is a typical reaction emerging from cannabinoids meddling with the body’s normal capacity to create or maintain moisture. Experienced smokers normally disregard it due to gentleness.

Growing Kelly Hill Gold

Other than having a natural inclination for cool weather, this strain can resist various development obstacles like heavy winds and light rains. Though, it will need support upon the snow, which can destroy it overnight. A brief enclosing is ordinarily enough to keep it mildly heated and safe.