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Katsu Kush

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Katsu Kush or also known as Katsu, is an indica dominant that is named after the primary cultivator’s alias and has earned a name for its strong, physical influences that will make you a blissfully cling to the sofa. This cannabis strain descends from the firm Hindu Kushlandraces. A number of phenotypes of Katsu Kush display greater content of CBD.

This strain has a low toned cerebral high because of its humble THC content. Its effects are not immediately felt either. Rather than strong strains with a robust rush, it sneaks in gently, starting with a sublime euphoric buzzing that is only detectable after the initial few whiffs.

Flavor and Effects of Katsu Kush

This strain provides a pungent earthy odor due to its great CBD level. Its connotations are rich and spicy comparable to that of Kush. Broken apart or burned, this strain gives a stimulating hint of pine that will fill the air. Katsu Kush tastes similar to Hindu Kush in many regards. It is sugary and minty zest with the bold earthiness of many Kush strains. As you breathe out, the heavy smoke transmits a delicious aftertaste of pine accompanied by an herbal tinge. This strain’s influences start in the head and slowly sprout through the body in a stream of leisure. Usually, the uplifting high leaves users appearing happy from within.

Medical Benefits of Katsu Kush

Katsu Kush grants a release from several pain-inducing disorders by its peaceful body high. One of this strain’s most beneficial effect is easing intraocular stress which, if gone neglected, can reach to the initial onset of glaucoma. Katsu Kush allows a way out from stressful days and restless nights. It is also remarkable for its antispasmodic characteristics that briefly relieve constant and uncontrollable spasms that conflict with one’s capability to move normally. This strain should be widely considered since it is also perfect for those who are suffering from inflammation and anxiety.

Negative Effects of Katsu Kush

Katsu Kush creates the typical effect of cottonmouth and dryness of the eyes. This is common, though, as moisture-hindering composites in marijuana influence the salivary glands and tear ducts most often. These are not a cause for concern as they are explicitly gentle. Besides, they normally go away on their own though, if indications continue, drinking a few glasses of water will quickly rehydrate the body.

Growing Katsu Kush

This strain’s landrace heredity has unquestionably built it tough. It is quite repellent upon common molds, mildew, and other difficulties created by too much moisture in the atmosphere like bud decay. It can even endure powerful gusts of breeze and cold climate. Because of its moderately short height, Katsu Kush seldom needs cutting. Pruning is required, though. Aside from appreciative reasons, pruning away the dead bits of a plant supports better light and air rotation.