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Kashmir Kush

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Kashmir Kush was bred by the secretive Guru Seeds Company. Its creators have pollinated Purple Pig with Barney’s Feminized Vanilla Kush for a genuine treat. This strain is an indica leaning cannabis that gives moderate sedation and soft euphoric sensation.

Kashmir Kush produces large-sized thick buds that are green in color and are coated with trichomes that have a gold and red hue. This strain is well-known for its high potent THC content that averages around 23%. Savor this strain later in the day, as its deeply relaxing impacts are perfectly matched with blankets and a movie.

Flavor and Effects of Kashmir Kush

This strain has a pleasant fragrance that is a mixture of lavender, lemon, and vanilla zest. Its flavor is entirely nice and balmy as well and is a delightful blend of earthy and citrus flavors with a powerful trace of orange and lemon aftertastes. Its herbaceous odor gets earthy twist towards the end. It has a smooth and dense smoke that gently takes over your system. Most experienced users favor savoring Kashmir Kush in the later periods of the day and also into the evening, as this strain can draw on fairly rich sedative moods. It presents you to feel euphoric and stimulated and has a robust and long-lasting high.

Medical Benefits of Kashmir Kush

Kashmir Kush is best for granting ease from stress and anxiety. When you do tend to shift relaxed through the high, this strain will be a good ally in battling insomnia, and no matter how you respond to this strain, you will discover that bodily discomfort slips right out the door. As your body is eased, it relieves the indications of depression. This strain is also a perfect remedy for resting the muscles and can also handle muscle spasms, arthritis, backaches, and various types of pains as well.

Negative Effects of Kashmir Kush

With this strain’s potent THC level and powerful smoke, Kashmir Kush may trigger coughing and watery eyes when exposed. This is definitely not the ideal strain for those who are new to smoking cannabis. Because of its strong effect to make you lay in bed, this strain is suggested to an evening or late afternoon enjoyment. You encounter mild effects like cottonmouth and dry eyes. However, in some cases, even when taken in moderate doses, this strain may imply slight anxiety and dizziness.

Growing Kashmir Kush

Kashmir Kush can thrive on developing small and bushy with firm lateral branches. You can expect an 8 to 10-week flowering period with careful growing and is recommended to be grown outdoors. If you do somehow want to get the opportunity to grow this strain at home, it is wise to consult an expert grower first.