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Karma OG

Karma OG comes from the combination of three hybrids, HA-OG, SFV OG, and OG #17. It took four long years to breed this cannabis, but it was worth the wait for it was able to win multiple Cannabis Cup Awards. This is a strain came from Karma Genetics. This has a unique potency aside from its physical appearance that cannabis’ avid fans keep searching for this plant. This is a heavy hitter, therefore not for the newbies.

Flavor and Effects of Karma OG

Noted flavors include citrus with pine and the undertones of earthy taste, which is truly distinct if you are a big fan of OG Strains. It is known to show the uplifting effects that lead to happiness and after a while, euphoria, a good and long-lasting effect to enjoy.

Medical Benefits of Karma OG

Karma OG is good for chronic pain, help for cancer patients, aside from that dealing with the PTSD and muscle spasms.

Negative Effects of Karma OG

Since this is a heavy hitter, most likely, you will experience the dryness of mouth and eyes, other than the headache. The worst situation for newbies who wants to try for how many times a paranoia is on the way.

Growing a Karma OG

Karma OG is quite sensitive to grow. Even the most experienced grower would hesitate if not for the best effect and taste that it can offer, this would be a goner. Prior to planting, prepare your soil using compost pit, this is the cheapest way yet so effective. This technique will not just nurture your plant but also the soil that will be your medium in nurturing the Karma OG. When it comes to maturity, prune the cannabis to ventilate some of its parts and refresh the new growth buds.

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