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Karma Bitch

From Rare Dankness, they thought of intercrossing both Skywalker OG and Nevil’s Wreck to check what it might be great of, Karma Bitch, as an offspring boast a balanced feeling of cerebral high which will end to tingly your toes. A strong hybrid that needs to be used with caution for it will be quite too much for new users.

Flavor and Effects of Karma Bitch

Flavors that are quite prominent with Karma Bitch are the chocolate and coffee, where it is well kept in balance by the spicy and woody herbal taste. The effect is an awesome relaxation, and as the high goes low, you will still feel the happiness and focused type of euphoria while uplifted.

Medical Benefits of Karma Bitch

Karma Bitch is very well known to provide help for serious muscle spasms, de-stressor of the day, and in light case of depression, lack of appetite, and pain.

Negative Effects of Karma Bitch

when it comes to non-beneficial effects, drying of the eyes is on the top of the list because of its THC level, next is dry mouth and feeling dizzy.

Growing a Karma Bitch

Growers with experience with this plant often keep it indoor, since it can be more productive in the Mediterranean climate. Techniques to keep this strain healthy is always to keep it dry and in the low humid type of environment. Don’t forget to give nutrients either from organic or non-organic, as long as it is gradual so it won’t be burned out.

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