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Karibbean Mango

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Karibbean Mango is an indica-leaning hybrid that came to light after Mango Skunk and Black Domina pollinated. Karibbean Mango ranked 3rd Place Indica at the 2013 Copa Cannabica Axarquia in Velez Malaga, Spain.
This strain was bred by Kannabia Seed Company. Cannabis with strong tropic odors amplifies and shift to a bright, sweet taste. Karibbean Mango highlights the excellent stability of acidic and tangy berries with fresh fruit gentleness.

Flavor and Effects of Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango has notably rich flavors that hint of ripe, tropic fruit. It’s a nice combination of sugary and lightly acidic tones, together with sharp nuances, and a bright citrus spell that is more noticeable in some phenotypes than others. Fragrances heavily suggest of tangy fruit with an alluring aroma of cypress. The influences of Karibbean Mango are unique and surprisingly firm with more complexity and an intense uplifting turn.

Medical Benefits of Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango is most suited for the handing aching pain, which includes headaches and migraine. It can also aid in alleviating insomnia, poor appetite, and inflammation.

Negative Effects of Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango can present a bothersome side effect a dry eyes and dry mouth. This is caused by a cannabinoid feature of marijuana from an intervention with the production of moisture in the mouth.

Growing Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango grows thick buds heavy with resin. An easy Kush to grow, this compact frame also gives this strain a strong resistance to common mold and pest.

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