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Kaptn’s Grand Dream

As far as the name is concerned, it is really a grand dream where it outstands other strain for this cannabis is made up of not four but five cannabis namely Grape Krypt OG, Granddaddy Purple, Blueberry, Blue Dream, and Lemon Kush, which is known to each other’s own effects and cerebral high it can give the user. A grand move to attain the desired effect to create a plant that will be exemplary and the taste will be best of the best.

Flavor and Effects of Kaptn’s Grand Dream

A taste of blueberries, grapes with lemon and earthy ammonia undertone, flavors to convince you if it is worth it. It offers a tranquilizing calmness where you get to enjoy socializing because you are the happy and giggly user.

Medical Benefits of Kaptn’s Grand Dream

if you are suffering pain like crams and headaches, this is an option, as it also reduces depression, insomnia, including the lack of appetite.

Negative Effects of Kaptn’s Grand Dream

For the negative effects, this most severe is the dry mouth, feel anxious, headache, paranoid, but the light effect on the drying of the eyes.

Growing a Kaptn’s Grand Dream

This strain requires a heavy trimming because of the heavy and very dense buds as it covers others that causes the plant not to get enough lighting and proper ventilation. Most situations that occur with this plant are that it causes to get moist inside the buds in not trimmed, thus resulting in damp under. Then the problem arises when the molds and fungi start to invade the plant, and it will result in an irreversible effect.

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