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Kanopia AK

Kanopia AK

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Kanopia AK is a strain wherein its lineage is in full discretion.  The branches are strong and limber while the stem is brittle and drenched with closely bonded colas in spiraling formation. The buds are heavy and medium to large and shaped like a cylinder but with a typical tapered peak. On the surface is a blanket of snowy highly potent and resinous crystallized trichomes with long lean curly rusty light orange pistils.


As for the medical contribution of this cannabis, it is an amazing option for relieving physical and chronic pain. Also, it can help patients with malignant diseases overcome depression and stress. On top of that, it is also of great aid in fighting fatigue and easing nausea and migraines. Additionally, it is also a topnotch option for alleviating stress along with keeping the consumer in the best mood all day.


An intense sense of euphoric state will kick in upon toking. Then an emerged feeling of feeling motivated will gradually creep in. Right in the middle of the trip, hints of an abrupt boost of energy will burst out as you drown in the middle of your silky bed. It will be followed by a ponderous sensation of mental focus while producing drizzles of happy juices.

Growing Kanopia AK Info & Tips

Growing this cannabis will require a strict schedule of nutrient and food provision. Also, it will also thrive beautifully with fresh clean air to maximize the process of photosynthesis. Also, this cannabis will surely thrive better with a careful portion of micronutrients that are essential to specific are of the plant growth.

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