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Made up with Blue Heaven strain, Mexican and Afghani strains, the Kalijah cannabis is a fast-growing plant that offers a plethora of flavors: earthy, citrusy, and sweet. It is created by Reggae Seeds with a 40/60 Indica dominance.

Flavor and Effects of Kalijah

The resinous buds offer a spectacular aromatic and flavor profile that is difficult to define due to its wide range of nuances. It is however largely earthy, citrusy, and sweet. The effects start with a cerebral buzz that stimulates creativity and mental focus. This is followed by a physical sensation that is calm and very relaxing. Because of these effects, this bud is great for artists, ideal for drawing, painting, or playing an instrument. This strain does not result in a couchlock or any feelings of tiredness.

What are the Medicinal Benefits of Kalijah

Patients who need relief from stress, anxiety, and depression will love this strain. Patients who are also suffering from chronic fatigue will be thankful for this unforgettable and delicious weed.

Negative Effects of Kalijah

Common effects of smoking this strain or any other marijuana include dry eyes and dry mouth.

Growing Kalijah

The plant’s growth structure clearly denotes Indica as it grows short and bushy. It is relatively easy to grow and can flourish indoors, outdoors, and in greenhouses. The plant can be grown in small pots and will thrive in a SOG set up.  When cultivated outdoors, it requires a moderate climate to reach its full potential. As long as the needed nutrients and care are provided, the plant will easily fill your cannabis garden with colorful and delicious buds.