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Kali China

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By breeding Kali Mist Sativa with China Yunnan, arguably their best-known hybrid, then backcrossing it again with China Yunnan to stabilize the plant, ACE Seeds produced the strain called Kali China.

Out of all their previous developed hybrids, Kali china took the longest time to finish. Even so, the result was wonderful.

Flavor and Effects of Kali China 

People who have already taken a sniff of this strain, they may want to consider to smoke it as well. It is because Kali China tastes the same way it smells. A combination of sweet mango with a hint of spiciness makes its smoke flavorful and satisfying. Kali China gives a stimulating and relaxing mind-body high that leaves its users feeling dreamy and tranquil.

Medical Benefits of Kali China

When smoked, the hybrid helps normalize the user`s mental functions and may help people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression. Kali China is also a big help to those who suffer from insomnia. More than that, this hybrid may also be used as a treatment to relieve inhibiting nausea and vomiting.

Negative Effects of Kali China 

Consuming marijuana, such as Kali China, usually results in dryness of the user`s eyes and mouth. Users should also consider the amount of dosage to avoid the risks of paranoia and anxiety.

Growing Kali China

ACE Seeds may have undergone a long and careful process to produce this strain, the plant itself does not require a great amount of time and effort or work to grow. Besides its easy cultivation, another reason that makes it ideal is its ability to blossom in a short amount of time.