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Kaleidos Dope

Intercrossing Purple Thai and Neville’s Haze produced a strain called the Kaleidos Dope. Just like the Kaleidoscope, this cannabis has a never-ending amazing high and extraordinary experience.

Flavor and Effects of Kaleidos Dope

The soft taste of the sweet and sour fruity, bubblegum, and undertones of spicy chemical makes it a unique strain to must-have, aside from the exceptional effects that include boosting your mood for the day as it uplifts and gives a euphoric type of happiness.

Medical Benefits of Kaleidos Dope

Thanks to its high CBD and THC levels, this cannabis can help with mental issues such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety. Aside from that, it can reduce pain like a headache, chronic pain, migraines, and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Kaleidos Dope

Drying of the mouth has always been the first reaction of the body after using the Kaleidos Dope. The severe side effects are experiencing cottonmouth and feeling noxious and dizzy. So caution to newbies who want to try, just a whiff can be okay, fr, if used too much, can also cause paranoia.

Growing a Kaleidos Dope

Kaleidos Dope is good for beginners to start their career for a garden of weed, for this is an easy strain to take care of. It might just need a little time for pruning. The grower must also a set-up for the temperature controller to make sure that this cannabis can get what is needed in order to grow healthier. Try to use the worm to help you release the sources of nitrogen in the soil.

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