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This Indica dominant hybrid was created by Green House Seeds by cross-breeding the White Widow and AK-47. True to its name, this is a strain that will rock your mind out by energizing it with a high cerebral punch, which can be very immediate kick and can last long. From the time it was born until now, still the favorite of the veterans and the newbies. This should be used during the night.

Flavor and Effects of Kalashnikova

Common users always sought the flavor that this cannabis possesses, such as the blend of tropical fruits consist of lemon, mango, grapefruit, honey with a little kick of spice. The effects are extremely the best because this strain will make you feel relaxed and focused while being happy, even after the high gets low, you will still feel energetic and euphoric.

Medical Benefits of Kalashnikova

This cannabis is very beneficial as an aid to pain-relieving, de-stress you out, which will also help you with muscle spasms. Minor depression and insomnia can also be reversed by using Kalashnikova.

Negative Effects of Kalashnikova

Negative effects this strain can offer are the drying of the mouth and minor effects such as headache, dry eyes, and paranoid.

Growing a Kalashnikova

Kalashnikova needs pruning to make sure that it will still fit for smaller spaces. This strain has sturdy genes that make it stronger with the environment or other circumstances. The best advice for this plant is just to feed it with organic nutrients over its top to make sure that it has enough water even for hotter days.