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Kalalua kush

This strain was named after the Kalalau Valley from the island of Kaua’i, the Kalalau Kust. A strain that was bred by Pua Mana, the first Hawaiian Pakalōlō Seed Bank, by combining two strains called Kaua’i Electric x Trinity Kush. This cannabis has a reputation for a cerebral high that keeps you talkative while socializing. This cannabis is useful during the morning; in fact, you can replace your morning coffee with this alluring smell of tropical aromas.

Flavor and Effects of Kalalau Kush

The combination distinct taste of tropical fruits that has hints of mango, undertones of guava, and herbs aside from the spicy musk is more inviting in the morning. Two puffs won’t be enough to savor each and every flavor you can get from this strain. The effects that are known to be provided by this strain are the feeling of energized, arousal, mood uplifter, a gush of creativeness, and being sociable.

Medical Benefits of Kalalau Kush

Kalalau Kush can be used to deal with lethargy and combatting depression, aside from its analgesic effect that reduces pain and chronic problems such as headaches, migraines, and arthritis.

Negative Effects of Kalalau Kush

Due to its THC, you will experience a headache after using this strain, just beware too of the mouth and eyes drying, for this effect are also common.

Growing a Kalalau Kush

Kalalau Kush may be a tedious strain to grow, but it can be worth trying. Growers must prep the soil that will be used for even if this strain can thrive both set-ups, it is known to get easily sick and catch diseases.

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