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Kailua Pua

Kailua Pua

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From the Pua Mana, the first Hawaiian Pakalolo Seed Bank, Kailua Pua was bred. This hybrid is a child of the Hawaiian Mayan Gold, recognized to have the best taste of tropical flavors consists of grapes, berries, pineapple, and citrus, together with the Blue Bama. A hybrid that can sedate a body that will keep you relaxed and high that tingles everywhere.

Flavor and Effects of Kailua Pua

The flavors that anyone would love to taste the energizing taste of berries with a hint of floral, combined with the pungent plum. A feeling of being aroused and euphorically creative that gives a tingly effect universally in your body. It can also feel you sleepy as the kick wears off.

Medical Benefits of Kailua Pua

This strain is often used to relieve pain, release tension, and stress in the body, including felt depression. Others would use this cannabis to free itself from anxiety.

Negative Effects of Kailua Pua

Dry mouth is the common side effects of using this strain, but some would experience the headache and dizziness. Try to drink some water to reduce the dryness of the throat.

Growing a Kailua Pua

This strain is slightly elusive that it makes it very difficult to grow. To cultivate this strain, start by making sure that you have healthy soil, prepare the medium by either buying the pre-mixed soil in the store, or you can make a compost tea and apply it to the garden where the Kailua Pua will be planted. Kailua Pua is a sensitive strain, but by feeding the soil, it can at least lessen problems that will arise.