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Kaboom is a crossbreed of the famous hybrid called Jack’s Cleaner genetics with the Vortex cannabis strain. This Sativa-dominant strain gives you a vigorous cerebral buzz that gives a sparkle of an artist in you and productivity and elevates the spirit. Perfect for morning use especially if you need a little push to accomplish tasks that need initiative.

Flavor and Effects of Kaboom

Your mouth will surely enjoy the taste of Kaboom that is consists of fruity apple, floral and nuts sweetness with hints of spicy herbal taste. Your creative ideas will come out as the high settles in your body that will energize your mind as well blended with euphoric happiness but still so focused.

Medical Benefits of Kaboom

Medical cases appreciate the Kaboom’s capacity to decrease pain while keeping daily purposes. In short, no one would think that you are highly medicated. This strain can lessen the burden of stress, fatigue, and depression. It can also be an aid in case of feeling nauseous and when you have no appetite to eat anything.

Negative Effects of Kaboom

Having dry eyes as well as the mouth is much ordinary when consuming this strain, but take note that even if this is not a heavy-hitting, you should still spare yourself for it can give irritating eyes that will lead to eye pressure.

Growing Kaboom

It is an easy to grow cannabis that is good to grow using hydroponics; the latter has many benefits, not just in maximizing a small space but also it can help the plant not to be stressed out with many factors. And most of all, the plant won’t get hydrated and still retain its taste even the technique is quite unusual for beginners.