K1 is a strain that was intentional formed by the help of two cannabis called the Durban Poison 15%together and the LA Kush as a parent. This Sativa dominant plant has an aroma of an earthy, woody, and herbal with a hint of pepper, and the last chemical smell.

Flavor and Effects of K1

The flavor of K1is a well-blended pine and sage with chemical ammonia taste in the last part. The effect can start with a euphoric high that will make you feel happy and focused while socializing with others, as it fades down, a relaxed state comes and calms down your senses

Medical Benefits of K1

Aside from recreational, K1 is also used for medical purposes, such as dealing with severe stress and agonizing pain. For light to moderate depression, inflammation, and light headaches, this cannabis is also part of their medicinal plants.

Negative Effects of K1

Common users of K1 often have dry mouth, feel anxious and irritated dry eyes after using, but paranoia and feeling dizzy will be felt if too much is consumed for a day or the whole week, such as once or twice a day.

Growing K1

This K1 is quite easy if it had not yet reached its tall and very bushy state. However, we can always have a way to deal with tall strain, trimming every once or twice of its lifetime until maturity can help to control height and refresh the plant’s top for a new bud to grow.

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