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K-Train was bred by Greenhouse Seeds as a cross-linking OG Kush and Trainwreck. This strain is mostly indica, and its origins are both famous in their own right and were selected to attempt and link their prized influences that include the muscle-relaxant features of OG Kush with the lucid cerebral buzz that Trainwreck induces. 
K-Train’s Kush heredity overwhelms with aroma, making it luscious and earthy with a tinge of black licorice. Once you get on this strain, be ready to sit back and bend with something creative for a while. 

Flavor and Effects of K-Train 

K-Train chugs nicely along the way. This strain emits a fine musky aroma of the earth with a honeyed tone. Although it is not deemed to be one of the best smelling strains, users frequently observe the euphoric feeling that gives them at the very least, in a happy and joyful state.

Medical Benefits of K-Train

K-Train not only has benefits for mental wellness. It also comes with other physical advantages such as pain alleviation. This strain is best in treating cramps, muscle spasms, and arthritis.

Negative Effects of K-Train 

There are a few unwanted effects of enjoying this strain. It is sensing the eyes and mouth dry. Though this is normal with the use of cannabis, a few people may also feel somewhat dizzy mainly during the onset of its cerebral head rush. About the only way to lessen these affairs is to practice well below personal threshold limits and drinking lots of water.

Growing K-Train

A pleasing strain to grow for beginners since it is not a hard marijuana plant to cultivate and develop with its strong mold and mildew repellant properties. As such, this makes K-Train a good starter. This strain tends to be short and bushy. A sunny environment is favorable to its growth.

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