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Jupiter OG

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Jupiter OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that earned its name after the most massive planet in our solar system. This strain has a significant influence on its users, not only does it flaunt one of the greatest yielders of the cannabis universe, but it is also instant-acting and greatly potent. 
Recognized among the celestials for its unusually dense nugs with affluence of red hairs, Jupiter OG leaves nothing to be wanted. This strain stresses a pungent fuel aroma and irresistible flavor. Jupiter OG presents a very firm and long-lasting body high, an all-time classic for those who are looking for comfort from sleeplessness or pain.

Flavor and Effects of Jupiter OG 

Jupiter OG incorporates a perfect weed zest that most users find charmingly intense. Its overall punch can be further described as a sour infusion of earth and skunk. This can be an unusual flavor to some, but for experienced users, such a blend of essences is truly exceptional. For a strain that emits so much vigor, one can also anticipate it to give off a fairly noticeable aroma. To be more specific, Jupiter OG has a heavy skunky smell that can also be compared to the pungent aroma of fuel, a quality that seamlessly embodies its OG lineage.

Medical Benefits of Jupiter OG

This strain’s enrichment to the medicinal field, the Jupiter OG’s indica faction, surely takes the cake. The strain’s satisfying body buzz is proven to be helpful to various health maladies. Its strong sedative properties can effectively promote sleepiness among insomniacs. At the same time, due to its prominent and long-lasting body high, it can be a great pain reliever for those who are suffering from cramps, migraine, headaches, and other illnesses with the same indications. You will experience the strain’s ability to stimulate the appetite and control nausea and inflammation, which further leads to the conclusion that Jupiter OG could be a great option for users with poor appetite or patients with eating disorders.

Negative Effects of Jupiter OG 

Jupiter OG has a high level of THC potency and is not the only thing that any cannabis enthusiast should be concerned about. Similar to most marijuana out there, this strain also has the potential of producing some side effects. Therefore, users are also warned to be careful of any signs of adverse reactions other than dry mouth and dry eyes. While these are moderately manageable, some potential side effects such as paranoia and dizziness are surely not to be neglected.

Growing Jupiter OG

Jupiter OG can be cultivated indoors or outdoors. This strain is identified to thrive better in a controlled, warm, and sunny climate with an ideal temperate warmth. Applying techniques like SCROG or SOG setup is also well-suitable to maximize its results. Jupiter OG is not the most desirable cannabis choice for amateur growers, which, in that case, is also reflected in its phenotype.