Jungle Spice

A known strong stimulant will knock you down but not in a harsh manner. A child of two elusive strain, the Congo Pine and 88′ G13 Hashplant, long-lasting effects that are good to use for the evening ritual.

Flavor and Effects of Jungle Spice

The sweetness of Jungle Spice is well described to have undertones of sweet and sour and spice. Same as the high it can give that will make you want for more. It has a kick that can make you feel fully functional and very creative. This high wears off in a little while that transforms into a relax and calm.

Medical Benefits of Jungle Spice

As wild as it may sound, but the THC and CBD levels of this strain can help with people who have ailments pertaining to stress concerns, pain-relieving properties, and depression handling.

Negative Effects of Jungle Spice

As contrary to medical benefits, there are also adversaries of the positive. Paranoia is one of the most common experiences after two or more using this cannabis, while the minor ones are drying of mouth and eyes.

Growing Jungle Spice

Soil is the basic requirement of why this strain is slightly elusive. Hypersensitivity of this plant relies on the Ph level and the type of soil which will be used. Some growers prefer to use Rockwool to cultivate this plant if you are no familiar with Rockwool, this method is used to germinating seeds before planting, this can also be used as the basis foundation instead of soil.

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