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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is an offspring of both high-quality strains named SFV OG Kush, a spitting image of its parents combined with Master Kush, a supreme powerhouse that won twoCannabis Cups as recognition.
The identified smell of the combination of sweet scents and lemon with the twist of earth and wood has an aroma that is a little complex but definitely worth and pleasant.

Flavor and Effects of Julius Caesar

The earthy-sweet berry and diesel taste of Julius Caesar contribute too much on its after-effects, making you crave for food. You may feel euphoric at first and then energize to do lots of things until the high wears off and can make you feel sleepy, relaxed, but very hungry.

Medical Benefits of Julius Caesar

Some use Julius Caesar as just part of their routine, but forsome; it can help them ease the pain from arthritis, eating disorders or anorexia, epilepsy, and PTSD

Negative Effects of Julius Caesar

Its high is not that long-lasting but can give you satisfaction, but the adverse effects such as mouth and throat drying up, including the eyes, would be very irritating.

Growing Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a tall plant, so it is expected that it will bend if there is a natural occurrence such as strong winds and heavy rain, the best solution is just to put a support on the stalk to prevent it from breaking. Another struggle for this strain is that it can easily get diseases, so keep it dry and not moist.

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