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JT15 is rare marijuana with 100% indica composition. It is unique to find strain varieties that claim absolute heredity. Most of the time, alternatives are mostly restrained to hybrids that either lean toward one end of the spectrum or the other.
It possesses potent THC content that, when taken more than one’s threshold, can be quite debilitating. But, in moderation, the bud influences a happy high that pairs best with a lazy day or a night of leisure.

Flavor and Effects of JT15

This strain has a delightful haze that bursts in the mouth with a pine virtue. Complementing the rich wood are definite tones of herbs and spices that grow obvious on the exhale. Users glow with a bright sensation that can only come from a feeling of intrinsic happiness.

Medical Benefits of JT15

JT15 produces a psychedelic high that effectively improves moods. This strain relieves indications of depression including severe anxiety, increased stress levels. This strain’s medical effects are also exceptional for those with eating disorders or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Negative Effects of JT15

JT15 releases certain cannabinoids in the herb, the inclines to hinder the generation of moisture in the tear ducts as well as the salivary glands. You may experience some red eyes and a dry mouth. It is wise to constantly drink water and refrain from consuming caffeinated and alcoholic beverages to avoid more adverse effects like mild paranoia and dizziness.

Growing JT15

This strain flowers very well in temperate, cool, and even sunny climate. However, if JT15 is exposed to unfavorable factors like climate and pestilence, that, without a doubt, can hinder the plant’s growth and disturb is THC content. This makes the majority of growers prefer to cultivate this cannabis indoors.

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