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J’s Famous Kush

Washington-based producer, Farmer J used three hybrids from California to create J’s Famous Kush, the farmer’s signature strain. It can provide a balanced high that can impose an effect not just for the veteran user but also for the new ones.
The earthy mixed with the sweet and spicy peppery aroma of J’s Famous Kush was a good pair for moments when you wanted to eat and stay relaxed while reading, or maybe a movie night for yourself, binging on the couch.

Flavor and Effects of J’s Famous Kush

The combination of the pepper, herbal, skunk, and grape with a twist of spicy tobacco is one the most sought flavor in J’s Famous Kush. A unique strain that gives a hungry effect and keeping you relaxed and sleepy while, in some instances, may be talkative and uplifted.

Medical Benefits of J’s Famous Kush

J’s Famous Kush medicinal benefits are easing depression, reduce the pain of cramps, and relieve stress while it is also good for helping with anorexia and other eating disorders.

Negative Effects of J’s Famous Kush

Usual negative reactions noted would be dry eyes and mouth. But in some cases of J’s Famous Kush feeling nervous is also obvious side reaction.

Growing J’s, Famous Kush

J’s Famous Kush easily gets sick or catches molds because of the temperature. In order to prevent this problem, choose the right lighting that can provide you with the results that you aim to gain. The LED light will be enough to provide the warmth that this strain will need and can imitate the temperature J’s Famous Kush wanted to grow healthier and much higher yield.

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