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Josh D OG

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Josh D OG is a deep three-way cross of SFV OG x Triangle Kush x Hell’s Angels OG and allows users relaxing influences with a magnified Kush zest. This strain bud holds a deep leafy nug that boasts a very dense coating of trichomes and light amber pistils. A strain that was bred by Karma Genetics is a handcrafted OG cross with heredity ranging back to Florida, 1991. 

Josh D and Matt €œBubba€ Berger began producing these genetics in Orlando and improved to define the OG growing we know this time. This indica-dominant hybrid is giggly, euphoric, and happy while still saddling enthusiasts with mellow moderate sedation. A classic for the end of a tedious day, Josh D OG exposes a sincere sense of relaxation that’s fitting when you desire a mentally and physically check out. 

Flavor and Effects of Josh D OG 

This strain’s fragrances and essences are lightly diverse, with flavors that mix sugary citrus, berries, and wood. Its aroma does emphasize some of the same tones, yet it is more of a berry and cheese trail that will captivate you. Ideal after long wearisome day, Josh D OG allows a deep feeling of relaxation that is a top pick when you want loosen leisure for the body and mind. An initial outburst of euphoria goes right to your mind without stirring your body, and as the high duration goes on, you will start to fall into a drowsy state.

Medical Benefits of Josh D OG

Josh D OG provides pleasant sedative effects with its fair THC content. This strain is remarkable for its therapeutic effects and is often opted to manage mental maladies as well as ailments that converge primarily on physical aches such as cramps, depression, muscle pressure, mood swings, insomnia, and chronic stress.

Negative Effects of Josh D OG 

The common adverse reactions when puffing Josh D OG are similar to most cannabis that includes cottonmouth and red eyes. These side effects are so mild that experienced smokers barely notices. In any case that these effects give you an annoying vibe, taking a lot of water throughout the high will almost immediately alleviate these consequences. 

Growing Josh D OG

This strain is generous yielding cannabis and has produced growers with an abundant harvest. An excellent for indoor growing, Josh D OG’s flowering duration reaches within 9 and 10 weeks. Watering the plant when the soil is already dry impacts greatly for its development. Josh D OG can get slightly large depending on just how skilled a grower you are, so take the time to prepare and make sure that you have enough space for growth.

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