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Joe’s Dank

From the blending of outstanding cannabis called Amnesia Haze with the (Chem Tange and Bubblegum) strain, Joe’sDank happened. This was bred by Joseph Edwards of I&I Genetics in Colorado.

Joe’s Dank will keep you up all day to do all your chores and responsibilities with a dandy and happy mood. This is cannabis to keep for regulars who want to have an energizing and amazing morning.

Flavor and Effects of Joe’s Dank

The flavor of fruity candy mixed with its sweetness and an undertone of gas is one of the best qualities of Joe’s Dank that keep consumers keep this as their personal cannabis for a long time. It has a euphoric effect on happiness while keeping you uplifted. This can also bring a gush of creative ideas.

Medical Benefits of Joe’s Dank

Using Joe’s Dank will give you the benefits of treating depressed people, stressed, and over fatigue. And in some occurrences are the treatment for anxiety disorder, chronic pain, and insomnia.

Negative Effects of Joe’s Dank

Occasional users may feel dry mouth aside from drying of eyes, other than feeling paranoid and dizzy

Growing a Joe’s Dank

Joe’s Dank is a highly sensitive cannabis strain in an outdoor environment. It can easily get mold and rot, that is the reason it is highly suggested to put in a warm and dry environment. It might be a little tiresome to grow this plant, for it will need a temperature controller but with proper ventilation. Keep it very well sheltered to ensure your yield.

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